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When was HCGI founded?
Huntwicke Capital Group Inc. was formed in 2016.
What does HCGI do?
Huntwicke Capital Group, Inc., is a holding company which invests in local businesses. By doing so, HCGI offers investors a diversified public platform which provides income and long-term capital appreciation. At the same time, HCGI strives to build up and grow the local economy by investing in under-valued businesses and real estate.
Where is HCGI’s corporate headquarters?
7 Grove Street, Suite 201, Topsfield, MA 01983

How many people do you employ?
As of April 30, 2021, HCGI employed approximately 135 people. 
Where is HCGI traded?
HCGI is traded on the OTC Market.
Does HCGI pay a dividend?
The company has paid a dividend in the past.
What subsidiary businesses does HCGI own?
Huntwicke Securities, LLC Huntwicke Properties Essex Private Wealth Management, LLC Aztec Soccer Club, Inc. Skillzcheck Soccer Academy, LLC Mercury Brewing and Distribution Company, Inc.
How can I buy HCGI stock?
HCGI stock is publicly traded and can be purchased on the OTC market. The shares can also be purchased privately from another investor. 
How can I sell HCGI stock?
The shares can be sold publicly by depositing them into a brokerage account.


If there is a legend on your stock certificate, this legend must be removed by the transfer agent prior to selling the shares. The transfer agent will require a legal opinion by an attorney and an authorization from the company (HCG) to issue you an unrestricted certificate that would be eligible for public resale. 


For more information, please contact:

Fernando Garcia

Who is the HCGI transfer agent?
Pacific Stock Transfer

Can I buy stock directly from HCGI?
Yes. Please contact investor relations.

Fernando Garcia

How do I make name and address changes to the Stockholder Certificate? 
Please contact Pacific Stock Transfer:
What do I do if I lost my stock certificate?
Please contact Pacific Stock Transfer:
When is the HCGI fiscal year end?
April 30 


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